Corporate Memberships

What is a Corporate Membership in our Rotary Club?

The Corporate Membership Program will allow a business in the club’s area to become a member of the Ayden Rotary Club, through the currently established membership approval process. Two designees of the business may attend club meetings, serve on club projects, vote on club matters, serve as club officers and be on the club committees.

The intent of the corporate membership category is to increase the club’s ability to attract and retain qualified and diverse professional base within our community. It allows for flexibility and recognizes the tremendous mobility that is the norm within the current business environment.

Benefits of a Corporate Membership

Increase in:

Club membership, recruitment and retention

Support to The Rotary Foundation (program participations and fundraising)

Successful service projects (community and international)

Improvement in:

Leadership and engagement opportunities for members

Participation in club activities

Overall diversity within the club’s membership

Corporate Membership – Executive member and regular member dues are the same as for individual member.

Ayden Rotary Club Corporate Membership