Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange is Rotary’s exchange program for youth and young adults. It allows students to spend up to a year living in a different country and learning a new culture. Students ages 15-19 can participate in a long-term exchange of up to one year, or they can choose a short-term exchange, which can last from several days to several weeks. Youth Exchanges for young adults ages 18-25 can range from a few weeks to three months. Rotary clubs and districts sponsor exchange participants, who serve as ambassadors for their countries.

District 7720 has hosted youth from overseas and some clubs have sponsored young adults to travel overseas, especially the New Bern clubs. Some other clubs have also done so, but infrequently. Your committee would like to grow this program within our district. Your club will find it rewarding, educational and fulfilling. District 7720 is a member of ESSEX (Eastern Seaboard Student Exchange) that does the bulwark of the paperwork required (by the US Department of State) to send and/or receive students. If a club sends a student overseas, we are required to host a student, but we are not required to send a student if we host one from overseas. Normally, a student from overseas spends 10-12 months in this country hosted by three to four families, while our student going abroad spends a summer, hosted by a family.


Ann-Marie Montague, Chair

Rotary 7720 Youth Exchange

(252) 714-1904