Guest Speakers

At almost every weekly Rotary Club meeting a guest presenter is invited to speak.  This not only enriches the experience of being a Rotarian but provides many opportunities for guest speakers to reach an audience of professional people.

Whether you are an expert in a particular field, are in charge of getting a message out about a particular organization or cause, or just have something particularly interesting to talk about, we invite you to find out whether you might be suitable to come to a meeting and talk to our members.

Speaking at a Rotary event is rewarding on many levels.  Rotarians are some of the warmest and generous audiences you can present to.  We uphold high standards of presentation, so you can hone your presenting skills.  Rotary is a huge network of 1.2 million members, so planting a seed at a Rotary Club can lead to amazing results, if a Rotary Club takes up your cause or initiative.

Please contact us to discuss how you might like to present to our Club or just to line up a time to attend a meeting and hear someone else speak.

Call 252-717-7006 or email for more details.